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    In-game Name: spewfy
    Age: 16
    Languages spoken: English, Only
    How long you have played on EpicMineWorld? Since the latest reset, can't recall exact date.
    Do you have discord? If so put the link to it here: spewfyy#8478

    What makes a good staff member?
    - A good staff member is someone who can have fun with the server's players as well as staying responsible and enforcing the rules.
    What are some rules of the server?
    -No overly inappropriate language, names, skins, etc.
    -No hacked clients or cheating in general.
    -If common sense is used and toxicity is avoided, you should have a good time.
    Why should we pick you to be staff?
    -I completely support the server, being among the first donors is clear evidence.
    -Simply put, I want to see the server succeed. EpicMineWorld has done an amazing job with providing a fun experience for not only me, but numerous other players as well and I intend to do as much as I can to keep it that way.
    Do you have any other experiences with being a staff member on any other server?
    -I've attempted to run my own server, as well as some minor moderator work on servers in the past.

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