Server Update: January 2018

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    Server Update: January 2018

    Our server has changed! Here you can find all the little things to make EpicMineWorld a more enjoyable server for everyone!

    Thanks to all the support and suggestions that all the players have made to make our server better for everyone.

    You can suggest anything to our staff in either our suggestions forum or our official discord server.

    Join our discord by clicking
    This link

    Here are the main things that we have added to the server:

    Information Warp:

    Brand new warp for your teleportation pleasure!
    A new warp has been added so you can see information that players might find useful,
    By typing /warp and clicking the Book & Quill, you will arrive at the information world.
    Follow the path down the signs and you fill find lots of useful information including:

    • Rank Up Info
    • Claiming Info
    • Chest Shop Info

    Chest Shops:

    Chest Shops are here!
    Now players can buy and sell goods using Chest Shops!

    Go to the information warp to see how to create chest shops and the commands you need to know.

    Skyblock Crates:

    Long awaited crates are finally here!
    The crates are the same as survival with mostly the same rewards, keys rewarded on the Skyblock Server will be transferred onto the Survival Server as well, which means any keys you get on one server will be sent to the other!

    And many more little things to make your experience better!

    Please continue to give us suggestions whether be on the website, or on the discord server.
    We will be constantly updating our server, and will always inform you on anything new that you should know about!

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