Server Update: February 2018

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    (Big) Server Update: February 2018

    It's time once again for another EpicMineWorld update, only this time, it's big. Very big.

    Thanks to all the support and suggestions that all the players have made to make our server better for everyone.

    You can suggest anything to our staff in either our suggestions forum or our official discord server.

    Join our discord by clicking
    This link

    Here are the main things that we have added to the server:

    Creative Plots!:

    A brand new, shiny gamemode for all to behold!
    How exciting! A lot of work has been put into this new gamemode and we do hope that you enjoy playing on it. Though still in beta, most features should be functioning and we hope you have a great experience!

    Please continue to give feedback as we want this new part of our server to be polished and clean for the best player experience possible.

    Here are some of the main features:

    • Multiple Plot sizes
    • Custom coin system to unlock new exciting features (Coming Soon)
    • New rank system (Coming Soon)
    • Ability to unlock features such as World Edit and Flags (Coming Soon)

    Player Warps:

    Make your own warps to show off your place and sell goods!
    Now with /playerwarps, it is now possible to visit any willing player to see what they have to offer.

    Player Warp Commands:

    /playerwarp create {NAME}
    /playerwarp delete {NAME}

    How-to create a sign.

    Line-1 [Playerwarp]
    Line-2 {Warp-Name}

    Combine this feature with the newly made chest shops and make a grand market to make some money and help out other players.
    Go to the information warp to put your sign up!

    New Hub:

    Many long days and a few trips to ancient China later... A new hub has made its way to the server!
    The massive build is a throwback to over 4000 years ago, when giant pandas and wizards holding birds ruled the land. An atmosphere most unforgettable indeed.

    And many more little things to make your experience better!

    Please continue to give us suggestions whether be on the website, or on the discord server.
    We will be constantly updating our server, and will always inform you on anything new that you should know about!
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